Sprint option trade in iphone 6s $100

When it comes to your cell phone, do you have some type of insurance or equipment protection plan? With a deal like that, how could you pass it up? Lately, however, things are different; a lot different. At the rate they are charging, does the cost of the coverage even justify the benefit? Suppose something tragic really did happen to one of our new iPhones. Will Sprint be giving us a brand-new, out of the box device to replace the one we paid for coverage on?

Fast forward to the end of two years. When you multiply everything we just talked about times 3 phones, the analysis really starts to make no sense. Again, I almost could have bought three of the latest iPhones at that rate.

For most people, two years marks the end of when they are done making payments on the device. So what then is the benefit of equipment protection at that point? However, I was told by the Sprint representative that with revised service this was coverage was mandatory for the first month. At a minimum if you really feel strongly about having some sort of insurance or equipment coverage on your device, then the only sprint option trade in iphone 6s $100 I could see this making any sort of sense would be to have it for the first year sprint option trade in iphone 6s $100 when your phone is at its maximum value.

In fairness to Sprint, they do offer other versions of this coverage at a reduced rate although as I understand it, your deductible increases for most of them. There are many affordable alternatives you could consider. Lifehacker has a pretty good list. Just be sure to read the fine print on any insurance plan before you place an order. Sprint option trade in iphone 6s $100 of them do not cover things that you would expect to be covered such sprint option trade in iphone 6s $100 theft or water damage.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr. Husband and I recently did the exact same analysis and took the sprint tep off! I sorta liked the original arrangement better where you got a free phone when you signed up for whatever plan they were offering at the time. Now you pay for the phone and the extra cost goes away after 24 months.

Thanks for sharing your experience, MMD. I forget where I heard it, but I thought there was a story of someone working on shatter-proof material for your phone. How revolutionary would that be? It is a waste of money, especially how they give you refurbished phones if anything was to happen to your new phone. A few months ago my phone fell causing the screen to shatter, when I used my insurance from sprint they gave me a crappy refurbished s4 that kept freezing. They told me the cause for the freezing was probably the charger and when I ask to get a suited charger they said the charger was not covered under the warranty.

For ever and never filed a claim. My leased Note 5 has water damage. Your email address will not be published. More Articles You'll Enjoy: Comments Husband and I recently did the exact same analysis and took the sprint tep off!

And so my screen is just going to stay perpetually broken. Great opportunity for a startup but that would require a core network to execute. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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