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Upper end models had a new three-mode viewfinders and winding triggers. Table of Canon SLR. The FL lens mount replaced R-mounts in The FD lens mount standard replaced FL-mounts in This had been used by Zeiss-Ikon in their mid-level cameras of their Contaflex series, and by Kodak in early interchangeable lenses for the top-end Retina series later going to full lenses. Canon offered four lens options: Through the lens metering was center weighted and automatic exposure was shutter speed priority.

Only two cameras were offered and the line was not successful. The EF lens mount standard superseded FD-mounts in Canon ceased to produce FD -mount cameras in Canon introduced this system in along with the EF lens mount standard. Beginning in Spring , Canon produced a series of notebooks with integrated inkjet printers called NoteJet. The initial price for the first-model NoteJet was U. The company claims that its use of data compression reduces their printer's memory requirement, good quality compared to conventional laser printers, and also claim that it increases the data transfer rate when printing high-resolution graphics.

Canon refers to inkjet printers as bubblejets , hence the frequent BJC-prefix. While the 50i corresponds to the i70, for all other corresponding models the numerical model numbers are identical.

This leads to a large number of models, all belonging to the same family, but possibly incompatible to some degree, and also makes it difficult to ascertain whether a device is unique or part of an existing family. The software driver filename will often use the family designation. See Canon EF lenses for the product line-up. See Canon EF-S lenses for the product line-up.

When EF-S lenses are used on a 35mm full frame camera, the back element will hit the mirror assembly or cause massive amounts of vignetting since the sensor is bigger than the image produced by the lens. See Canon FD lenses for the product line-up. See Canon FL lenses for the product line-up.

Applications bundled with Canon Digital Cameras and printers include:. Canon TrueType Font Pack is a floppy disk collection of supplementar truetype fonts for some Canon printers of years '90 and useful for Windows 3.

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