Paper trade options approach

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Improving building fire safety. Gift cards and gift vouchers. New laws on ticket scalping. Fire safety and external wall cladding. Tattoo parlour licence renewals now available. Information in other languages. Home building licence check. NSW Fair Trading public register data. Suppliers like our approach as it's non-intrusive: Buyers like our service because of the results: Do you receive large amounts of orders by paper, fax or email?

If this describes your organisation - or you want to send orders electronically direct to your customers - then we can help. CloudTrade acts as a front door to your business. If the document doesn't pass all the checks we've previously agreed with you, it doesn't get in. Thousands of new suppliers connect and send invoices through our network every year. Our connection directory allows buyers to leverage the expanding network as it grows. Supplier on-boarding doesn't need to be difficult.

CloudTrade has made a big difference to our business as it makes processing quick and accurate. Request a Demo Contact Us Menu. E-invoicing made easy Simple, effective, high adoption electronic invoicing CloudTrade provides a non-disruptive way for trading partners to send electronic invoices, orders and other business documents, straight into your processing application.