Omega tradestation brokerage account agreement

This FAQ has a number omega tradestation brokerage account agreement categories:. The "MetaStock" data format has had many revisions over the years. TradeStation i only supports the first MetaStock format - i. Therefore TradeStation i is only compatible with our Futures and Forex data. However, it is very disappointing that Omega Research have not updated their support of the MetaStock format since the early s, considering that the product retailed for several thousand dollars.

InOmega Research Inc changed their name to TradeStation Technologies and went down a brokerage subscription model which had no support for third party data formats. However, in lateTradeStation Technologies Inc.

Note that TradeStation version 8. Opening a chart with TradeStation v8. Click the 3rd Party tab then click the add button as shown below: Select the data folder eg. Select the symbol you wish to chart e. You can then optionally change some omega tradestation brokerage account agreement the settings for the security.

For certain securities, such as Futures, it is a good idea to select the Future category and also the appropriate price scale for that security, as shown below.

Then click Next and then Finish. The first time you chart a 3rd party symbol, you may find that it tries to open up the chart as intraday when only daily data is available.

This is shown with the message "Data requeset failed: Requested interval is not supported by this 3rd party symbol. Intraday requests annot be supported by omega tradestation brokerage account agreement containing Daily data" as shown below: To fix this click Format then Symbol as shown below: Change the interval to Daily, and in the range select a long omega tradestation brokerage account agreement of history eg.

If you want this set as default for future chats, tick the Set as Default button, as shown below: Your chart will then show correct daily data in the right scale, as shown below: To work around this issue, DataTools can reduce the number of deliveries in market folders to a specified number by removing the oldest ones first.

New delivery months are added all the time, so you may need to run this utility periodically to ensure that folders are kept beneath the limit. If you prefer not to truncate your market histories, please upgrade to a later version of TradeStationor view the Continuous Contracts instead. TradeStation stores information about the units to be used within a file callled attributes. Once a chart has been opened, you are unable to change the units within TradeStation.

However, you can omega tradestation brokerage account agreement the attributes. If you are looking at certain futures contracts or forex prices, these are often priced down to four or more decimal places. You need to make two changes to show the correct number of places on a chart and also have your indicators use the full accuracy of the data. Close down any open charts and open them again and you will now see them down to 5 decimal places, as shown below: Minimum Move To ensure that your indicators and formulae work omega tradestation brokerage account agreement, you will also need omega tradestation brokerage account agreement modify the "minimum move" value.

When you open a new chart, click the "Universe" button and change the "Min Move" to 0. Norgate Data - Premium Data. This FAQ has a number of categories: