No 1680 x 1050 option trading

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All you need is a New Zealand: How it works on Trade Me: Use 'Buy Now' or win an auction. Select 'Afterpay' as your payment option. You'll be taken to Afterpay's website. Follow the instructions for creating an Afterpay account, or sign in if you're already a customer. Once you're finished with Afterpay you'll be taken back to Trade Me.

Afterpay will email you a payment schedule. Other things to note: All payments need to be approved by Afterpay. Afterpay purchases are eligible for Trade Me Buyer Protection.

If you're a new Afterpay customer, you'll need to make your first payment at the time of purchase. I do understand a bit about resolutions, such as there is no point me putting a 65" TV in front of me, with a resolution the same as my 24", as it would give me no extra screen space, just a magnified view of what I can already see.

I have come across this monitor. But then in a review, it goes on to say Summary: The U is an amazing monitor for movies and "content" and for those that need high pixel density or color accuracy. For those looking for clear text and more viewing area, or if you are moving from another 27" monitor, beware that you may be disappointed.

This monitor is the latest casualty of the A 27" monitor with a What does this look like? You'd need a Would I actually give up any gain in resolution, from the aspect ratio? It depends what you want to do with the info on the extra screen real estate. If you need more space to have some "passive" info up. Like a livestream, livescores, betfair website for odds on certain stuff you could get a 2nd computer.

With maybe even it's own seperate internet connection as a backup. Could even be you laptop and hang a 24" on it. The good thing is that if your main pc gives up for whatever reason you have something up and running to instantly do damage control on your open positions.

If you want to actively approach it. Like have ladders all over and jump in and out of trades, I'd say you'd be better of investing in a computer that can handle 4 monitors. You could also use an external usb video adapter to put a third monitor. I havn't received my new monitor yet so I can't tell you about the quality of the display I get, but it is supposed to do the trick. While I appreciate the suggestions, and they are all valid, what I was asking is about the resolution of such a monitor, to get the job done of 4 small monitors, done on 2.

Have you checked to make sure your graphics cards can even output 2, x 1, resolution?. The reason I ask is because even cheapy graphics cards now can output to 2 or more different monitors etc at the same time and by what you've said each one of yours only outputs to 1. Either way, that is neither here nor there. Can easily get a hold of a graphics card to do the job as well.

Will pay for itself after a couple of weeks, surely. Are you struggling with actual physical space to put a 3rd monitor? Please don't think I'm having a go or anything, I'm just trying to find out the reason of why you would pick them over what for me is the much better option. Well physical space is a big thing. I share a unit in the city with a mate, so I choose to work from my bedroom out of respect for the communal areas of the unit.

Apart from that, it is pretty small anyway. But, out of preference, I would much prefer less monitors than more. If I could, I would just have one, but that is just not possible I don't believe. Minimum would be 2 as I have now, but I can always put more shit up on my screens. At some point I would like to get 2 systems up identical, but that wouldn't double the screen real estate, just trading options.

The other things I look at, is use of my computer outside of trading. I like to watch movies and play games on my computer, so small screens really don't interest me.