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How did I get the icons to stop mac ordneroptionen einstellen when I restart the program?? I have a portable version of rocketdock running on a usb drive, mine is called portabledock version 1. When I add the recycle bin or stacks it all works, but when I restart the program its gone and I have to set up the paths and folders again.

Hi, I'm having a problem btw, great work! My stacks docklet doesn't let me mac ordneroptionen einstellen on shortcuts, only on files an sub-folders in the folder I've selected for stacks.

What i did to make mac ordneroptionen einstellen 'My Computer' Grid: Make a folder anywhere u like 2. Now click on security and select the advanced tab. Click on edit and then select youre account not the one with the admin before it Select the checkbox where it say owner off underlying containers and objects.

Hit the apply till you got the rights ps there will be some errors but this is normal because there are some programs opend while taking the rights just ignore them and hit continou When done install rocketdock with the stacks docklet make shure the checkbox is selected wher it say save mobile ini file.

When all is mac ordneroptionen einstellen there should be a settings. Haken vor einfach Dateifreigabe entfernen 2. Rechtsklick auf den Programm-Ordner z. Easiest way to prevent Stacks Docklet settings to disappear after restart is to run rocketdock as administrator when doing changes to Stacks Docklets. Same thing is happening to me. I moved the folders around to see if I can get around the problem but nothing seems to work! I've wanted this ever since I saw Leopard however, I dislike Mac too much to get mac ordneroptionen einstellen ;and it works out nearly bug free.

My only complaint would be to add in Right-Click functionality. I hide the icons on my mac ordneroptionen einstellen, and use the Desktop Toolbar to mac ordneroptionen einstellen or run things. I'm now running things with this docklet, but there's no delete support OK i-come-in-3rd I added the Stack docklet to my dock but when Mac ordneroptionen einstellen right click the little down arrow I don't see "folder".

All I see are the following: Remember Register Forgot Pass? About Download Addons Help. Mac ordneroptionen einstellen Docklet All Icons Skins.

Submitted December 31, by matonga comments, downloads. Shows a Fan or a Grid stack, a la Leopard. See a screnshot of it here: Stacks gone after restart? Here's the solution folks: Log in as admin to have the administrative rights. Navigate to the RocketDock folder under program files Right click on the RocketDock folder, and select properties, click the security tab at the top.

You should see a list of groups and user names of your pc, click edit Click on your user name. Check the box underneath to give yourself "Full Control", click Ok, Ok. Mac ordneroptionen einstellen, your user account now has full permission to this folder You must be logged in to post comments ZombieRitual December 14, I am running mac ordneroptionen einstellen Administrator.

That doesn't seem to help. Any ideas on how to stop the docklets from disappearing when the computer is shutdown? Where should the folders with the shortcuts reside? OK Figured it out. Brain Eclipse Veggie Underground.

Downloading the client gives mac ordneroptionen einstellen the possibility of auto logins, a customizable toolbar, the option to put commands on function mac ordneroptionen einstellen, and more. To customize the download client, you must edit Brettspielwelt. The Prop file is located in the BSW directory. In a default Windows the file is usually under C: The AppData folder is hidden by default in Windows, so, if necessary, so make it visible on Folder Options.

This can make it difficult to edit the file since Vista prevents saving changes mac ordneroptionen einstellen this location. If you are experiencing this, remove the current copy of the software and Latest Down-loadable Version. Internet connection options can be mac ordneroptionen einstellen and usually default to you PC settings.

In our example they have been commented out. These settings allow you mac ordneroptionen einstellen connect through a proxy server with the data indicated. For example, you can use the configuration settings of a Web browser. If your connection is lost, this variable defines the time taken before the computer tries to reconnect to BSW. The time is specified in seconds. These settings allow you to define your username and password.

They mac ordneroptionen einstellen used for requesting information for the connection. In case of error in these settings including the presence of a space character at the end of line you will enter BSW as "Geist". This command will take you direct to Room C If you wish to only go to the town C1 LosVelozes, use C1 as the room number. In Room C is for example the game Vabanque. If you set this room as your entry point, you will be taken directly to the game table.

If we do not want to start at the game, you should make this code inactive by placing a ' ' in front of mac ordneroptionen einstellen. These two commands can be entered on the command line while you are in the game manager of a certain town. Replace the CX-Y with the room number defined by the town manager. The Nation parameter sets the language in which the server information will be mac ordneroptionen einstellen.

For details of acronyms, see the Languages page. This command allows you to configure the size of the client window. For optimal graphics it is mac ordneroptionen einstellen to use a standard widths ofor to display certain older games better. The parameters of the main chat window can be configured: Mac ordneroptionen einstellen colours can be seen hexadecimal colours. This function activates the menu bar above the toolbar. The contents of the menu bar can be defined in the Prop file.

With the Room tool the user ids of the players in your area are shown. Use the extension NameTech to show their ranks also, and the extension NameTechTitle you can see their titles too. Sets the standard for the Room Tool. You can also set some parameters in brackets. With he below configuration the display will look like this: Configure the display for the help text using the Current People tool. The parameters are the same as the previous configuration.

Sets the colour of the window frame. If this parameter is set to off the window tools will not automatically open.

This prevents the embarrassment of tools popping open when entering BSW. This setting places mac ordneroptionen einstellen city banner on the left hand border of the screen. You can set this parameter to East to place it in the right border.

Since banners have a width of 48 pixels you need to use the parameter WinWidth to increase your screen by 48 pixels see above. This setting enables Collective Chatthe window that gathers all channels. This parameter specifies the number of times the text flashes in the respective channel, when a new message has been written. The Collective Chat typically appears on the right side of the channel area by default.

With the value West you can shift it to the left side. You can select different backgrounds for the Game Manager. In addition to the standard "newblack" you can select from "newstone", "newwood", "light", "tradlight" und "newwin".

Sets the expected gaming experience in the Game Manager. X is the sum of the numeric codes of the configured experience levels. The functional keys F1 to F9 can be programmed with commands or texts. They can also be programmed in combination with the shift key. Shortcuts can execute actions in three different ways: Most commands work only in the main Console command line and are not recognized when executed in a chat window or channel. You can add the needed space in your command in your prop file to make it easier to use.

A command starting with "-" the text is written to the current cursor position. You can also use the same methodology for channel commands.

It is possible to make your own menus and sub-menus for the Menu Barfor example move to commands, web page shortcuts or other personalized shortcuts. In the above example a menu is created called Game with six options. The structure of each menu option is arranged as follows: The use of a shortcut is optional and the command or the mac ordneroptionen einstellen is the same as using the function keys.

Here are two examples: This WEB address will automatically open a browser and send the address to the browser. Just add a "-" with the sub-menu name after the main menu name. The menus in the Channel Collect can also be customized.

The syntax is similar to keyboard shortcuts with 2 mac ordneroptionen einstellen When a command begins with an exclamation mark "! You can also add your own items to the drop down menu button Room Tool in the toolbar.

This parameter lets you change the colours for different player positions. The colour values use Hexadecimal Values. The figure indicates the mac ordneroptionen einstellen of the player. In the example the colour of player 1 is set up to lilac for Carcassonne and Yellow for Manitou. This parameter lets you modify the colour of the largest meeple to make it more obvious mac ordneroptionen einstellen playing Carcassonne.

This option allows the colours to match more distinct applications. This parameter lets you change the font colour used inside the Warehouse. Aide for playing Wizard. For more detailed information can be found in the Wizard Online Guide. Anschalten geht entsprechend wieder mit "on". BSW login Username Password. Links BrettspielWelt in the german Wikipedia. Aktuelles Host-Funktion automatisch an! Und andere Neuheitenbei der Spielvermittlung. Lest unbedingt hier im Magazin nach.

Prop Files Downloading the client gives you the possibility of auto logins, a customizable toolbar, the option to put commands on function keys, and more. What should you be careful of when editing this file Mac ordneroptionen einstellen always a good idea to keep a backup copy of your PROP file, just in case.

The changes you make to your prop file will only take place at your next login. Each line MUST be a separate command. The order of the mac ordneroptionen einstellen does not matter. User-defined menus can be tagged at the front of a command to create menu sequences. Blanks can however be used within menu commands to make your menus more meaningful.

Everything placed after a ' mac ordneroptionen einstellen is considered a comment and not executed by the computer. Blank lines will be ignored and are treated like the comments. Internet Connection Commands Internet connection options can be omitted and usually default to you PC settings.

Function keys The functional keys F1 to F9 can be programmed with commands or texts. User Defined Menus It is possible to make your own menus and sub-menus for the Menu Barfor example move to commands, web page shortcuts or other personalized shortcuts. Menu entries for the Room tool in the tool bar You can also add your own items to the drop down menu button Room Tool in the toolbar.