India infoline forex trading

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In India, main problem is there is no Technical Charts or Backtesting available or it is very costly. But , If you see http: I can see hourly, 2hr, 4hr, 8hr or minute charts also. I can backtest my strategy for the past one year also. Similarly, GCI trading one forex trading company is providing these charts for free with all the technical indicators. Now, I am very much familiar and very much confidence with that market after doing my analysis and backtest with those charts.

But, In India If Amybroker providing charts is it is very costly. I think somewhat less charge is Icharts only. If anyone give charts for free or for small amount , it will be very useful for the retail investors also to understand markets and charts. Please look in to that sir to provide free charts with all indicators and backtest available.

Hi nithesh there is website which help you track stock market back testing data for last 5 years. We consider common items of life as salt. In such businesses the people consuming the items do not face the risk of loss which is commonly felt in a business as trading or investment and is applicale to all even if the investor or trader is a seasoned one.

But at the same time a new breed enters the same and it continues …. India is an absolute market as far as trading or investment is concerned where literacy of trading or investment is the least and this gives importance to the illiterate class of traders to survive with minimum losses. Further if acceptable losses are incurred,then survival rates also will be higher…But in vain, the brokerage houses did not focus on that. Fresh ideas can come from fresh people which have to be admitted again and again and management at the top need to admit and execute that.

Else the dominant forces of the market will implement fresh ideas. Today is a great phase for Zerodha and all our wishes are with them for their growth as We have huge population with fast pace of urbanisation and infrastructure and huge scope for every one to trade or invest and penetration of our investments is at the least levels for the population as a whole.

You can visit http: You can also subscribe for the backtesting tool there for validating your technical strategies. WE have a tool called algoZ , pretty basic though. We are also currently working on a new platform that will hopefully match the interntational standards in terms of coding and backtesting strategies.

What will happen to the shares I bought for long term and kept in my zerodha account? Mohit, if we do decide to ever shut the business down.

You will get an option to transfer all shares to any other demat of yours. We will not be allowed to close down, until you have moved your shares to another demat.