We do not offer a trading room. We do not use complex indicators or advanced math. We do not use feelings or trade emotionally. Instead, we will teach you how to find exact patterns in the market and trade based on concrete rules. We want YOU to be independently successful. Most traders fail because they don't have a plan. They will look at a chart and fail to see trades that we see.

Don't be one of those guys. It's your money on the line. Trading is a serious investment and you need to be prepared. Join us and become the winning trader you were meant to be!

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See below for details. Learn How to Day Trade. Great for beginners or those who are new to NinjaTrader or price action trading. Empower yourself to trade for a living with the knowledge from this personal coaching program. Wish there was an easy way to gauge where the rest of the trading day is headed? There is — by dividing intraday activity into separate regions based on price action, you can gain an advantage.

Do you avoid the chaos surrounding news events or do you attempt to take advantage of the big moves? This exact, accurate strategy will keep you out of the chop.

You'll recognize this pattern again and again. We always say "trade based on what the market can produce. Found in most software platforms, the ATR will help you trade with responsible profits and stops. In late January, news outlets were reporting on how financial markets were bulletproof.

Just a couple weeks later in early February, we saw one of the biggest crashes in recent history. Ever since, the markets including the E-mini have been very volatile. Will things ever return to normal? What caused the crash? Let's explore some possible options that may improve your trading. EST, the Atlas Line produced a nice short signal. The ATR was at 2. If the market was too volatile or too slow, we would have stayed out. In this instance, we did not have to worry about news events. It's important to not chase after price either.

We were able to get in this trade within about a tick of the signal price. In the live training and video, we will teach you all of the rules.

The ATO 2 and Atlas Line produced matching signals, indicating that going short was advised despite the bull market. When more than one signal confirms market direction, traders are often more confident in the prediction. The profit target is always based on real-time conditions.