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Someone argued that in Forex trading, one can only win at the expense of another and hence, it is no difference from gambling and it is unproductive and wrong to do so. Lets begin with the statement of "one can only win at the expense of another". Would you not apply for a job knowing that if you succeed, other applicants will not? In any competition, there will be winners and there will be losers. Moreover, in trading not gambling , losers lose, not because another trader took from them and winners win, not because they took from a losing trader.

A "trade" is a business transaction, where the buyer and the seller agree on the value of something exchanged, be it currencies, stocks, bonds, futures contracts, cars or houses etc. There is no disagreement between the buyer and the seller and there is nothing unethical about trading. The fact is that the buying and selling of currencies is no difference from the trading of goods which we try to buy at a lower price and sell them off at a higher price to make a profit.

What about " it is no difference from gambling and it is unproductive and wrong to do so ". The difference between the Casino and the Forex market is that, most are games of chance in the Casino while it is about economy and a contest of strategy for the Forex market. Another good way to differentiate trading from gambling is this: Imagine playing a game like blackjack and not having to put any money on the table until I have seen the dealer's cards, and then being able to risk as much or as little or even not at all.

In addition, I have the ability as a trader to increase my profits let my profits run whenever the odds are stacked in my favor and mitigate my losses cut my losses short when my decisions are wrong. All of us have to take some calculated risks in our transactions in order to achieve the potential rewards that we envisaged. Forex trading is an essential economic activity. While Forex trading is a zero sum game where the total gains must equal all the losses, it is also subjective because there are instances where a trader's gain need not arise from the loss of another trader.

Like any other legitimate businesses or professions whose goals are to make a profit for ourselves, trading is definitely not dishonest as we are not out to swindle others and not harmful if we don't treat it like gambling. It is also unreasonable to approve the trading for profit of traditional goods and services but disapprove the trading of currencies, stocks and properties etc.

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The biggest draw is that it is very simple and offers large rewards. On this page we list out for you the five major advantages of trading in binary options. We will also list out a few disadvantages that it may offer. The following are five advantages that binary options trading offers.

These are why more and more people are opting for this cool option nowadays. The trading process itself is a piece of cake. All you have to do is make a prediction on whether the asset will go up or nosedive. What is amazing is that even this you do not have to do n your own; there is software to help you make that choice. So this is all you do once you have selected a broker: Now all you have to do is track the trade. You can start off with low investments.

The best thing about binary options trading is that you do not necessarily have to bet high. You can start off with low investments till you get the hang of it. And even once you are good at it, you can continue to bet small. The returns may not be as high as if you bet big, but they are sufficient to get you to continue. The risk involved is minimal and limited. Because you can engage in binary trading with the least amount of money, the risks are also limited. Effectively, the degree of risk is for you to decide: One thing that works for you is that you know how much you will win or lose based on the amount you are betting or investing.

This allows you to pick the amount and limit the amount of risk you expose yourself to. You take a calculated risk, and that can translate to big reward if all goes well. The returns are high and come in fast. One area where binary options trading differs from the standard financial trading is in the amount of time a trade is valid for; the expire timeframes are shorter in this form of trading.

You trade quick, trade safe, and get good returns. Your trading is not dependent on marketing conditions. The best thing about binary options trading is that the fact of your winning is not dependent on prevalent marketing conditions.