Binary option sheriff reviews and scam warrnings

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Our team leader Bronwyn, has been in the industry since and is also the one who came. In this review we will establish beyond any reasonable doubt that the Dubai LifeStyle App is not legitimate. The sob story behind the Dubai Lifestyle App depicts Scott Hathaway, who hides behind a voice narration through the presentation. He had a vision through his dreams to make thousands of hard workers around the world without a hope in the world turn into millionaires.

Scott Hathaway has the audacity to tell us that he met the Mahmood brothers the Royal family in Dubai who own and run the super rich country and they immediately supported his project. Once his pockets were lined with the imaginary donation from the Mahmood brothers, Scott recruited software engineers and programmers.

Six months later he came up with the final version of the scam auto trader that according to him has an outstanding performance of The Binary Option Sheriff will now dispute all these fictitious claims one by one. Do not deposit any capital into the Dubai Lifestyle App before you read our revealing review. Who is Scott Hathaway? Evidence from the photos below generally dispel the myth of Scott Hathaway immediately. The photo used by the scam developers of the Dubai Lifestyle App have just stolen or paid for a stock photo to portray their Scott Hathaway.

Hiding behind a stock photo comfortably hides the identity of whoever is really behind this scam software. Do you feel safe parting with you cash to anonymous liars? Fake identity of Scott Hathaway revealed www. He travelled with a dream to make regular traders on the binary options market mega-rich.

We can assure our readers that the logic in this story does not tally. Sadly, that is exactly how long it will take any victim of the Dubai Lifestyle App to lose their capital. As the story goes, the software was developed for just Dubai Residents for just 90 days. Scott Hathaway arrived in Dubai 2 years ago and within six months he had finished his software after receiving his donation and turned the software for regular users in the market.

That should have been 18 months ago right? Well this is yet another lie that we will prove is aimed at attracting your confidence in investing with the Dubai LifeStyle App.

Do not trust the Dubai LifeStyle App. A quick look at the site Who. Is proves that the site dubailifestyleapp. That makes it exactly 65 days from the time this review is being written! The Dubai LifeStyle App is scam. Warning Scam review Falsely raising traders expectations into believing that they have a certainty to win with this scam software is a crime.

More evidence incriminating this scam App, is the fact that whoever devious developer is behind it, states that the performance level of the Dubai LifeStyle App is