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If I was in your place, I would stick to the job for a few more years atleast. Rohitsharma Rohit But going forward expecting those kind of returns may be little optimistic especially if we are still learning.

Comment Quote Like 2. I thought I had decent stock picking ability based on my past performance. Originally Posted by chinmay

A lot of retail investors like best trading forum in india have made good returns in last years. Second thing I wanted to suggest from my personal experience is that though I also loved to invest and research in Equities market but at the same time I was lacking the sufficient knowledge and experience. I have been following this path for last 6 years with current portfolio of 15X expenses. Minor or zero debts.

If my savings are 10x best trading forum in india expenses, and I hope to make it 20x in a few years by value investing, should I quit the job now itself? Why to take hardship of no job and getting smacked in the ring read market too. Well, after doing it for some time, here are some learnings: Stock advice on this forum??!!

I love investing and want to devout more time in researching and start visiting companies I like I believe there is money to be made in Indian best trading forum in india and, if I put in the right effort, I can find good opportunities for the same On the other hand, following things are holding me back from taking the plunge: BreakingBad01 BreakingBad01 Well, the stock recently issued a right issue - indication that the company has OVER leveraged itself and got itself into a lot of debt.

Once again, those are very much my personal opinion. Its about UK investors but the best trading forum in india are transferrable. When you consider leaving your regular job you should have following. I rather would not had opened my mount on this —for the very reason that I was not able to answer this for myself in a very decisive manner at one juncture of life not long ago actually while going through a similar mental dilemma. Many of those stocks are up now.

Security of a monthly pay check Family responsibility Wife, mother, grandparents, No kids yet - nor planned Slight fear of losing my hard earned money Here I need some advice from you guys: For many months, I have been thinking of quitting my job in the next 12 months and take up equity investing full time. It killed me to be selling some stocks when the markets crashed this Feb, but had to swallow the loss and do it. Best trading forum in india Bakshi today morning itself.

Honestly, I think one will have plenty of time in hand if they quit the job and pursue full time investing unless one plans to do day trading. At this stage in your learning curve, it appears you should be able to manage it well enough while also working. One disadvantage of best trading forum in india is that you wont be having the certain cash flows in the form of salary which you can invest. Few things about me so that you can advice me better Male, best trading forum in india yrs, from Pune, B.

My reasons for the same are: At least years of experience in equity investing. Hope you take it in right spirit. Best trading forum in india respect others view point on this but to me, unfortunately the thought process like corpus of 20x or 15x of current earning may not help in taking a step forward. For example, keeping X annual expenses in debt for medical emergencies.