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Many languages have a specific word for this number: It is often used to mean an indefinite very large number. The Greek root was used in early versions of the metric system in the form of the decimal prefix myria. The number can also be written 10, UK and US From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the natural number and other integers between 10, and 19, For other uses, see 10, disambiguation. List of numbers — Integers. Orders of magnitude numbers.

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The Year 10, problem also known as the Y10K problem or the deca-millennium bug [1] is the class of all potential time formatting and storage bugs that would emerge when the need to express years with five digits arises. The problem can have discernible effects today, but is also sometimes mentioned for humorous effect as in RFC Historical and technological trends suggest that in the actual year 10, it is practically impossible that any of the data processing technology or software in use today will still be active.

However, five-digit years are already a problem today for some forward-looking analysis programs, such as software that examines proposals for the long-term handling of things such as nuclear waste. This problem can be seen in the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel through at least its Office release, which stores dates as the number of days since 31 December day 1 is ; similarly, Microsoft Access stores dates as the number of days since 30 December day 1 is In either application, a date value of will be correctly formatted as "31 December ", but adding 1 to that to step over to the expected date of "1 January " will cause a formatting error; in Excel, for example, it will be displayed in the cell as a series of characters.

The Long Now Foundation ran into this limitation of Excel during the design of the 10, 10000 5 for 10 years clock.

The open source OpenOffice. The GNU Fortran compilerg77makes reference in runtime environment limits to year 10, Y10K problems when using intrinsic functions with this compiler suite. The problem is simply stated as, "Most intrinsics returning, or computing 10000 5 for 10 years based on, date information are prone to Year, Y10K problems, due 10000 5 for 10 years supporting only 4 digits for the year.

For example, the date might appear, to such programs, to wrap around change from a larger value to a smaller one as of the Year Python 's datetime module explicitly only supports one- 10000 5 for 10 years four-digit dates.

PHP 's DateTime class can handle five-digit years, except for parsing date strings with e. Unlike the Year problemwhere significant digits were omitted from the stored values of years, fixing the Year 10, problem does not require updating old records assuming they are already Y2K-compliantsince all four significant digits are present.

It only requires that record storage in decimal be able to store five or more digits. There is, however, a potential problem with record sets that make use of lexical sorting. For example, representations of dates in the range 10,—19, would appear interlaced with dates in the range 10000 5 for 10 years rather than after the year The Long Now Foundation is attempting to foster the custom of writing years with five digits, so that the year would be written as "".

This would preempt the Year 10, problem, but would in turn be susceptible to the "Yearproblem". ISO specifies that years be written with four digits, but allows for extension to five or more digits, with prior agreement between the parties exchanging the information. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

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